Loft1's software and mobile app automatically transforms any ordinary whiteboard into an organized set of digital notes.

Loft1 eliminates the need to copy information by hand or take uneditable photos, preserving ‘business as usual’ meeting dynamics – without the need for a special ‘Interactive Whiteboard’. Automatically organize meeting and class notes so that you can quickly find them. Share notes with friends, colleagues or on social media. Add Loft1’s ability to search images of whiteboard content by keyword, now that changes everything!




  • Start writing on any whiteboard in seconds - business as usual.

  • From any computer or mobile device: Add text, highlight, or free-hand annotations, all with a few simple clicks.

  • Share live updates from remote locations in real-time.

  • Organize and search handwritten notes right on your computer using Loft1’s integrated Handwriting Recognition (HWR) technology.




  • Pay attention to the presenter - No need to take minutes or transcribe notes!

  • Save time - One click, continual digitization of whiteboard content to make it a completely hands off part of your daily business processes.

  • Allows users to work / learn and present from remote locations using any whiteboard and edit from any device.

  • No set-up required - easy to use, no upfront hardware costs.


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